one of

ONE OF is a clothing brand based in New York City, born from the surfeit fabrics of heritage brands and mills; designed for evolving modern life. Creating limited-volume collections with reconsidered elements, responsible methods and a concentration on cloth and cut, ONE OF produces bespoke fashion with an approach that honors what came before us.

Cut and crafted in our New York City studio, every ONE/OF garment is tailored to exact measurements. The result is a one-of-a-kind creation—fated to be yours.

Our rare fabrics are found in destinations across the world—from acclaimed French archives to old-world Italian mills.

Uncovered from long-ago brands and fashion houses, our surfeit textiles are used in limited-volume runs, keeping our footprint decidedly small. 

Made with the modern woman in mind, each capsule collection is both enduring and of-this-moment.